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Winter Magic Menu: Duck with vegetables, sweet chestnuts & cranberries, 12x400g

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Art. Nr. T140307
  • Description

    Winter Magic at Terra Canis

    With our yummy roast duck adorned with young vegetables, sweet chestnut & cranberries in 400g & 800g

    The grain-free line is grain-free, lactose-free, and – like all our meals – free from all synthetic additives. These meals are suitable for all adult dogs, but especially for those who should be fed a grain-free diet for nutritional reasons or have an intolerance to grains and / or lactose. A natural grain-free diet is also advisable for dogs with diseases such as epilepsy, pancreatic and inflammatory joint diseases (e.g.  arthrosis, HD), in conjunction with veterinary treatment.

    Our wet food meals are made in a food processing facility, an Upper Bavarian traditional butcher's. Only food-grade ingredients are used. In addition to the fresh muscle meat and "good offal" such as heart and liver, there are over 20 different types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs in our meals. Complete food for dogs.


    Duck muscle meat (29%), duck heart (17%), duck liver (9%), carrot (9%), potato (6%), squash (6%), zucchini (7%), celery (5%), fennel (3%), sweet chestnuts (1,5%), cranberries 80,6%), parsley, star anise, organic eggshell powder, mineral earch, seaweed (Ratio: meat : vegetables/fruit/herbs : other raw ingredients = 54 % : 45 % : 1 %)

    Analytic Constituents

    Protein: 7,4 %, fat content: 3,4 %, crude fibre: 1,2 %, crude ash: 1,2 %, moisture: 79,8 % MJ/kg: 3,5

    Feeding Recommendation

    Dog’s weight - Feeding recommendation/day:
    (adult, normal-weight dog)  

    5 kg          150 - 200g
    10kg         300 - 400g
    20kg         600 - 800g
    30kg         900 -1200g  

    Approximate values to be adjusted to your dog's individual circumstances (exercise area, activity level, breed, metabolism, time of year)
    We recommend regular weight checks!
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