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Puppy food – Lamb with courgette, fennel and low-fat yoghurt / 6x800g

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  • Description

    Our Terra Canis puppy food contains a higher percentage of powdered eggshell so that puppies get enough natural calcium in the growth phase. In addition to the fresh ingredients, pollen and seaweed supply the body with natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, essential amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids. The proportion of gluten-free grains is very low at 0 to 6% and does thus not burden the digestive process. The tastiest prerequisites for joyfully discovering the world! 

    Our wet food meals are made in a food-processing facility, a Munich traditional butchery. Only ingredients of human-grade quality are used. Apart from the fresh skeletal muscle meat, our meals also contain heart – hearts are muscular hollow organs and are also counted among muscle meat – as well as a low quantity of nutrient-rich liver. Furthermore, there are over 20 different types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs in our meals. 

    Feeding pregnant or lactating dogs 
    A dog’s pregnancy lasts approx. 65 days. During the first half of this time, high-quality feeding must be ensured. Appropriate products include meals of our classic and grain-free line. 
    As from the second half of the pregnancy, the dog’s energy needs increase. Therefore, we recommend feeding puppy food from this point of time until the puppies are weaned. 

    Complete food for dogs.


    Lamb heart (23%), lamb muscle meat (15%), lamb lung (14%), courgette (18%), carrot, natural rice, low-fat yoghurt (4%), fennel (2%), pumpkin seed flour (1%), linseed oil, eggshell powder (0.8%), codliver oil (0.5%), brewer’s yeast, seaweed, basil, rose hip, mineral clay, pollen
    Additives: diatomaceous earth: 1.4 g/kg

    Meat : vegetables/fruit/herbs : natural rice : other raw ingredients = 52% : 36% : 5% : 7%

    Analytic Constituents

    Protein: 7.7%, fat content: 6.5%, crude fibre: 1.8%, crude ash: 1.1%, moisture: 77.7%
    MJ/kg: 4.7*
    * as per estimating equation exhibit 4/2 German feed regulation – last update 08/2018

    Feeding Recommendation

    Dog's current weight - Feeding recommendation/day: 
    (Puppy/growing young dog) 

    1,5 - 5kg         150 - 500g 
      5 - 10kg        500 - 800g 
    10 - 20kg        800 - 1200g 
    20 - 30kg      1200 - 1600g 

    Feeding recommendation for a pregnant or lactating dog: 

    5 kg          200 - 300g 
    10kg         400 - 600g 
    20kg         800 - 1200g 
    30kg       1200 - 1800g 

    Approximate values to be adjusted to your dog's individual circumstances (exercise area, activity level, breed, metabolism, time of year). 
    We recommend regular weight checks and a growth curve from the vet.
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