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First Aid - Gastrointestinal low-fat diet, chicken

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  • Description

    Symptoms every dog owner has experienced: their dog is quiet, listless and wants to go out every half-hour. Even the healthiest dog will suffer gastrointestinal problems at least two or three times a year. There are many causes for it. Until now, the only solution for owners was to feed a light diet. Low-fat meat with carrots and cottage cheese. But not any longer. Terra Canis revolutionizes once again with this practical light diet: lean chicken with carrot, fennel and camomile. 

    The additives consist of soothing ingredients such as lemon balm, calendula, medicinal clay and black cumin oil. This wheat-free light food is based on easy-to-digest ingredients and helps boosting regeneration. 

    – All ingredients are 100% human-grade quality 
    – Mild, low-fat light diet for the gastrointestinal tract 
    – Easy-to-digest vegetables and gluten-free coconut flour 
    – Medicinal clay and potatoes added as basic ingredients to absorb excess gastric acids 
    – Cottage cheese helps to keep the gastrointestinal flora intact 
    – Increased nutritional additives to balance out losses in electrolytes and nutrients 

    Our wet food meals are made in a food-processing facility, a Munich traditional butchery. Only ingredients of human-grade quality are used. Apart from the fresh skeletal muscle meat, our meals also contain heart – hearts are muscular hollow organs and are also counted among muscle meat – as well as a low quantity of nutrient-rich liver. Furthermore, there are over 20 different types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs in our meals. 

    This meal was developed by Terra Canis in case of acute digestive problems and should not be given any longer than 2-4 weeks.


    Chicken heart (38%), chicken stomach (19%), carrot (14%), potato (9 %), fennel (8%), celery (4%), cottage cheese (3%), coconut flour (1%), seaweed (0.6%), eggshell powder (0.6%), mineral clay (Luvos medicinal clay) (0.5%), camomile (0.5%), lemon balm (0.3%), calendula (0.3%), Andean salt (0.2%), black cumin oil (0.2%)

    Our ingredients:

    - Lean chicken is low-fat, easy to digest and thus the ideal way of supplying animal protein in the case of stomach and intestine problems.
    - Cooked carrots contain oligosaccharides. These are similar in structure to the receptors on the intestinal wall, meaning that pathogens dock to these and can then be excreted from the body easily.
    - As a basic foodstuff, cooked potatoes help to balance the increased acid formation resulting from diarrhoea. It is also easily digestible and gives the weakened animal more energy.
    - Fennel is anti-spasmodic, calms the intestinal tract and helps with bloating.
    - Celery protects the intestinal tract thanks to its high amount of anti-oxidants and polysaccharides. Celery also has an extremely high alkali potential which helps to neutralize the excess acid in the intestine.
    - Cottage cheese is low-fat, rich in protein, easy to digest and therefore an ideal ingredient. It helps to rebalance the gastrointestinal flora.
    - Camomile, lemon balm and calendula are known for their calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic characteristics.
    - Black cumin oil is traditionally used for digestive complaints.
    - The superfood coconut flour is easy to digest, low-fat and rich in fibre. It supplies energy without overtaxing the digestive system.
    - Medicinal clay contains many minerals and trace elements, binds excess acids in a highly effective manner and absorbs damaging materials like a sponge.

    As is always the case with Terra Canis, all ingredients are of proven human grade quality at the time of processing. With stomach and intestine problems, fresh and high-quality ingredients are incredibly important. The body should not have to cope with grains that are hard to digest, low-quality meat and animal meals or chemicals and synthetic substances. All ingredients are tailored to the needs of dogs with stomach and intestinal tract problems and have been deliberately chosen by Terra Canis vet Hanna Stephan.

    This light diet for a dog's stomach is, like all Terra Canis menus, produced by the multi award-winning Munich family butcher's Schäbitz.

    Analytic Constituents

    Protein: 8.3%, fat content: 3.0%, crude fibre: 0.4%, crude ash: 1.5%, moisture: 83.0%
    MJ/kg: 2.8

    Feeding Recommendation

    Dog's weight - Feeding recommendation/day:
    (Adult, normal-weight dog)

    5kg           150 - 200g
    10kg          300 - 400g
    20kg          600 - 800g
    30kg          900 - 1200g

    Start with 50% of the daily recommended feeding, divided into 3 meals a day.
    Guidance only.
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